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usage policy

What is the age and legal capacity?

The Website is aimed at people of legal age who have full legal capacity and the necessary action for its use. Minors under this age are not authorized to use the Website and should not, therefore, use its services, so Paintuber reserves the right to unsubscribe and cancel the data of those Users who, having been required for this, they do not prove to Paintuber's satisfaction that they are of legal age.

What services does Paintuber offer?

The purpose of the Website is to offer a service of distribution of painting materials and its service. The contract consists of the purchase of materials as well as the purchase of materials, together with the contracting of painting services by clients who require these specific services. Budget is sent, which must be accepted by customers, and paid in a percentage of 50%.

Paintuber offers its clients information on the materials that can be acquired, characteristics of the paints that we have, as well as on the professionals who are going to carry out the painting services at home.

Being self-employed professionals, Paintuber will only be responsible for the contractual procedure of the services. Paintuber does not intervene in any case in the relations carried out between client and professional during the home painting process, remaining outside of them at all times, nor in the execution of the work contracted between client and professional, for which is not responsible, in any case, for the work carried out by the professional for the client, nor for the fulfillment of the client's obligations with the professional, expressly exempting the client and the professional from Paintuber of any disagreement that may arise between them.


How to request a quote?

Paintuber offers customers the possibility to request quotes on the painting services provided by the professionals in charge of painting their home. To do this, the registered client provides the information and characteristics of the work on which they wish to request a quote and undertakes to make it truthful and adjusted to reality. In any case, the client or the professional will be solely responsible for the false or inaccurate information they provide and for the damages that may be caused to Paintuber or third parties by said information.

By requesting a quote, the client consents to the transfer of their contact information and the content of their request to third parties. Thus, Paintuber will provide this data to the professional in charge of executing the service, in order for them to contact him to provide information about the requested service. Such communication of personal data is necessary to carry out the service requested by the user and is regulated in the Privacy Policy, which can be consulted below.

It is possible that in a certain geographical area Paintuber does not have professionals who can provide the requested service. In such cases, Paintuber will select the closest professional to your geographical area and prepare a budget that includes the professional's travel.

Based on the information provided by the client, Paintuber makes a budget that will be binding for the professional if accepted, unless the job description does not correspond to the reality provided by the client, the information is not complete or an estimated or indicative budget has been provided by the professional that cannot be adapted to the reality found when arriving at the home. In this case, the professional will be able to modify the budget according to the reality of the work to be carried out.

The client is not obliged to accept any budget that has been provided by Paintuber. The client may request as many quotes from Paintuber as he deems necessary.

The client may inform Paintuber of any irregularity detected regarding the professionals who are sent to perform the requested service, although Paintuber is not responsible for the work or professionalism of freelance painters. If Paintuber becomes aware that any User is infringing current legislation, it will proceed immediately to cancel their account on the Paintuber website.


How can I register on the Paintuber website?

Paintuber conditions the use of some of the services to the prior completion of the corresponding user registration, as a client, having to indicate at least the information marked with an asterisk and choose a username and an identification password. The user can unsubscribe from the Paintuber registry at any time by writing

The user agrees to keep his username and password and to keep them confidential, as well as to use them with due diligence. The user agrees to notify Paintuber as soon as possible of the unauthorized use of their username and password or any other security breach. Paintuber will not be responsible for any damages or losses that may arise due to non-compliance or lack of diligence in complying with this obligation on your part.

The User is solely responsible for the information provided in their registration, guarantees that the data provided to Paintuber is true and up-to-date and is responsible for communicating to Paintuber any changes to them and for keeping all the information provided updated in a timely manner. that responds at all times to your real situation.

Customer Support:627 097 868

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