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Painting your home has never been so easy.

At PaintUber we like to make your life easier, that's why our home painter service is agile and with the best guarantee.

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1. Choose the paint

Choose from over 40 different colors, choose the amount of paint needed. If you don´t know how, we can help you.


2. The paint will come to you in a kit

Regardless of the liters you buy, the utensils + the chosen paint will always arrive with the pack.


4. We will contact you

In a matter of minutes we will call you to set the day and time to paint your home.


3. If you wish, we can paint it for you

Choose between our price rates according to the space to be painted, we guide you with estimated budgets.


If you need help with the selection of the product or service, leave us your telephone number and we will call you in a matter of minutes.

Customer Support:627 097 868

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